a different kind of casting.

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We host a varied amount of podcasts so everyone can find something to enjoy.
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The Raimh Quests

Join Tom and pals on a wonderful Dungeons and Dragons adventure, where sarcasm, passive aggressive taunts and Tom rules all.

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A weekly talk show hosted by RJ featuring multiple guests playing some strange and odd games.

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A weekly book club hosted by Alice & Tom where they analyze different books that they lub.

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There’s tons in the world to know about and not a lot of time to do it. Alex and RJ take it upon themselves to teach each other a whole lot, in as little time as possible.

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What is Podmage?

Podmage is a podcasting company created by Tom Stickler. The aim of Podmage is to create content that not only we love, but you will love too.
a different kind of casting.

In 2017, Tom Stickler wanted to play D'n'D, but with his friends being busy he came up with an elaborate idea to get them all into one room. (Podmage). His idea got a little out of hand... (please donate to our Patreon). With a library of different podcasts ranging from talk shows to book reviews to roleplays, our aim is to make something you enjoy.


The team behind Podmage that keep us casting away.

Tom Stickler

Owner & Grand Wizard
Tom is our head of everything. He owns the place. He’s our dad. He’s our overlord. Bless him. Whilst sat down listening to a podcast, he thought. I want to do this. So that’s what he did.

RJ Davies

Marketing and Development
RJ helps produce the content alongside Tom and makes sure everything Tom wants happens. RJ doesn’t sleep much.

Alice Evans

Graphic Design & Writer
Alice works on Podmage’s graphic design and is a key adviser on Podmage content.

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