TheGeekCentre Podcast

Olivia, RJ & Tom all team up to host a gaming podcast about the latest hits, checking out old classics and discussing current trends in the gaming industry.

The Hosts

Olivia Carass

Video Game Enthusiast, Content Writer and Absolute Dork. Olivia Carass is the lead host of the podcast with her in depth look into games. A fan of video game narratives, she’s locked and loaded with her thoughts and is ready to share them.

RJ Davies

Born in the world of gaming on Christmas Day of 1998 with a Playstation, it didn’t take long for RJ to start dismantling PC’s, learning to use mods, and starting TheGeekCentre in 2011.

Tom Stickler

With a gaming resume across all kinds of genres and the hours behind them to boot. Tom knows what makes an MMO great and how not to mess up a JRPG.


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