Nova Academy is for those who can take on danger, those who are smart, those who know what to do in a tight situation. Can our heros handle the pressure?

The DM & Cast

Matt Ekberg

CaptainKrail takes the role of the DM. Guiding our heroes across the realm as well as getting them into as much danger as possible.

Tom Stickler

Tom takes the role of Gwyn. A man with a lot of fight in him, along with a lust for someone who could crush him like a bug.

Olivia Carass

Olivia takes the role of Pixrter, a loud and small being who loves to meet people, learn new things and find out what’s happening. Think Nancy Drew but short and has spells.

Alice Evans

Alice takes the role of Flux. A quiet dragonborn who just wants to learn new things and get the job done. They spent most of their life away from other people, making Nova a strange place to be.

RJ Davies

RJ takes on the role of ‘Cedric Eleri‘ a shy and talented wood-elf who is far from home, ready to adventure and loves to read books.