Where can you listen to our Podcasts?

I want to listen to your podcasts but where can I find them?

Great question! Well, there’s actually a lot of options for this. You can either listen on our website by going to the individual podcast and playing direct, but we have made sure to tackle as many places as possible.

All of our podcasts are available to listen to on iTunes, Stitcher, Radio Public, TuneIn and Blubrry. We submit all our podcasts to these platforms but the great thing about them is that they often forward them onto other directories, so you can find our podcasts pretty much anywhere. PodcastAddict hosts a lot of our podcasts and some are even available on the AnyPod Skill with Amazon Echo devices.

I have an Android/iPhone can I still listen?

Yes! All of the places we submit to have portable apps to listen to as we want you to be able to listen wherever you want. You can even download them on the apps via Wi-Fi so you can save data on the go.

What about Spotify & Google Play?

Currently, Google Play’s Podcast app isn’t available in the UK so we can’t even submit to the US market as of yet which is a shame, but we will make sure to do this when the option becomes available to us.

As for Spotify Podcasts, there is no way for a podcast to submit to Spotify as of yet. They are incredibly selective about the podcasts that they put on their platform and typically aim for content that is perfect for millennials, focuses on technology, story-driven, or doesn’t go out of date. With us recently launching, we are currently not applicable to be on Spotify though some of our content would fit what they are looking for and we will jump at the chance.

What should I do?

How you listen to our podcasts is completely up to you, if you’d rather listen on your phone then you can download an app, if you’re more of a desktop listener, you can download iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn

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