Podmage’s Spring Podcast Recommendations

It’s Spring! Time to chill outside and listen to a new podcast.

It’s the beginning of a long-awaited spring, so it’s time for a whole new season of podcast recommendations.  Whether you’re listening on the way to work, school, or while you prepare your barbecue supplies and await the temperature to rise into the double digits, we’ve got you covered.


Alice’s Recommendation


I have never been into horror films, but this podcast and accompanying YouTube channel has single-handedly changed that.  James and Chelsea are genuine and lovely hosts to an informative and fun collection of horror movie discussions.  The podcast provides detailed reviews of horror new and old, while the YouTube channel features shorter form evaluations of the best (and worst) of the methods of murder from all your favourite (and more obscure) horror villains.  The podcast also has lots of fun and creative discussions on horror, with episodes covering medieval torture versus Saw traps, the real-life stories that horror films are based on, and would-you-rathers of horrifying situations.

Dead Meat has given me an interest in horror that I never could have anticipated.  I now know my Freddy from my Jason, my Pennywise from my Killer Klowns, my Jack Frost from my… Jack Frost.  I look forward to new episodes from the YouTube channel and the podcast every week, and was even brave enough to go see A Quiet Place last week in the cinema.  I’m a new, horror-enraptured woman!


Tom’s Recommendation


Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn may not be names you’ve heard thrown about often but if you like podcasts there is a chance you’ve heard about theirs, “Jordan Jesse Go!”. After starting back in 2007 the duo have won multiple awards and have been featured many times on the ‘best of itunes’ as well as being picked by Rolling Stone as one of the worlds best comedy podcasts.

The show is stated to have no content and no format but while the two presenters do employ a more free form approach to their show there is far from a lack of content. With lively anecdotes and hilarious musings the podcast does a fantastic job of highlighting the improv skills and comedy prowess of the titular hosts. Both Jesse’s job of NPR radio host and Jordan’s as a writer for the Comedy Central show Midnight give them the right skills for this type of loose yet punchy style and that is without mentioning the guests that frequent the show.

Almost every week the podcast gets a guest to come in and share some of their experiences with Jordan and Jesse. Whether it’s advice or a funny story or just something on their mind they are almost always a huge asset to the show themselves as well as giving the hosts something to bounce off of and work with.

Jesse Thorn ‘America’s radio sweetheart’ and Jordan Morris ‘boy detective’ are personable, casual and most of all funny. They have a great relationship as hosts and friends and it is no wonder why this podcast has been winning awards and making people laugh for over ten years.


Matt’s Recommendation


Spring is a time of hope, hope that summer will be warm, hope for holidays and BBQs and lots of Vitamin D. Spring is a wonderful time and there is no podcast more wonderful than the Wonderful podcast. The Wonderful podcast is a podcast by Griffin and Rachael Mcelroy. (Woah hey Matt another Mcelroy podcast do you listen to anything else. MAYBE I WOULD IF THEY STOPPED MAKING GOOD CONTENT!!)

Wonderful has the hosts talk about things they find wonderful in the world, whether it be a video game or a place or a food, they will talk about it and why they think it’s wonderful. The podcast used to be a Bachelor/ Bachelorette podcast called Rose Buddies but they disagreed with where the show was going so they moved on to a more positive podcast. If you want to sit in the sun and listen to people talk about why the Steamed Hams meme is great you absolutely should listen.


Olivia’s Recommendation


For someone who’s a part of two podcasts at this point, I listen to a startlingly small amount. I’m more about having a laugh with my own friends than getting to enjoy other people’s antics with theirs.  I demand immediate satisfaction.  And that double entendre leads me on nicely to my podcast recommendation.

My Dad Wrote a Porno.

That sounds like an out of the blue confession but it’s actually a fantastic podcast.  Jamie Morton was gifted erotica by his own father and then he shared this gift with his friends Alice Levine and James Cooper.  The concept of three friends reading one of their father’s porn is, admittedly, revolting. But with their wit, scepticism and genuine concern for Rocky Flintstone’s lack of anatomical understanding, I warmed to it instantly.

Rocky Flintstone is his pen-name by the way. We love Rocky.

We follow his trilogy of books starting with Belinda Blinked. The tale of a powerful businesswoman taking on the world of pots and pans the only way she knows how…bumping uglies.  It’s absurd and it becomes increasingly so over time.  Despite the crudity with which Belinda Blinked is written it’s somewhat… genuinely creative. Eventually, Jamie and co. find themselves surprised by an actual story taking shape. Although, as they refrain, it isn’t actually a story.

However inappropriate it may be to listen to this podcast in certain situations, I honestly can’t help myself. I can’t tell you how much this lot has cheered me up in recent weeks. I’m at the point where I’m reacting in perfect, horrified unison with the hosts. I’m in too deep.

If you’re in need of gut-busting laughs and you possess a strong stomach, you should give this a go.

*cheesy porno music plays to signify the end of the blog post*


RJ’s Recommendation


If you’re a creative of any kind, there will be something you get out of The Creative Exchange by Sara Dietschy.

Sara gathers up creative contacts and interviews them in this very down to earth podcast that will inspire how you work. You’ll get to understand different industries and roles in companies. From their pasts, their presents and where they’re heading in the future. You get a great vibe of what it’s like to be a professional creative. 

Sara herself is a very talented host that clearly keeps moving with her passions and this podcast feels like a huge passion project for her. Great discussion and self-reflection on Sara’s part. If you need something to inspire you in your creative work, this should do it for you.

Some of the greatest episodes so far of the podcast has included an interview with Elle Mills, Timmy Hamm, Kara Goldin & Austin Evans.

From Illustrators, to Skateboarders, Tech Junkies & AOL VP’s. There is so much here and it’s incredible. Keep up the amazing podcast Sara, I know I’ll keep listening!

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