Getting A TAZ-too

Getting a tattoo was something I never thought I’d get. Sure I’d toyed with the idea. I wanted a Final Fantasy themed tattoo but the most recent games weren’t very good. I thought about a Community one but the last few series weren’t very good. I wanted a Kingdom Hearts one but God be damned if I ever had to try to explain the story of that mess of a game. There wasn’t anything that I cared about enough. Whenever I thought about the different designs nothing stuck to me. Then Adventure Zone came along.

I had never found something with so much heart and love that kept getting better with each episode. When I finished listening to the last episode of TAZ with tears in my eyes I knew that this was it. I had found that media that touched my heart and ingrained itself in my soul, weaved into every fibre of my being. This wonderful story of love, kindness and friendship beating back the darkness was incredibly powerful to me.

The Adventure Zone Tattoo

Whenever I look at it I’m not only reminded of the wonderful journey I was taken on but also the reminder to try your best and to be kind, hopeful and to love recklessly.



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