Podmage’s Favourite Podcasts of 2017

When it comes to podcasts, 2017 was a fantastic year for content! With different outlets reporting up to 11% growth in listeners compared to the previous year.  With most listeners staying tuned to podcasts for longer and longer now as well. As we love making them, we decided it’s only fair to tell you about the podcasts that we love listening too and inspire us to keeping making our content as well.


Tom’s Recommendation:

Critical Role

Critical Role | Podmage.com

If you play many video games then you will probably know the great voices that are a part of critical role. Matthew Mercer leads this all star cast with exemplary vocal work and excellent world building and storytelling. The rest of the group are no slouches either with each bringing a different type of character type to the table and the way the group meshes together is really endearing. While this technically is a live stream that is primarily viewed on twitch it can be downloaded from iTunes in podcast form. If you appreciate a great story and a group of people that really enjoy what they’re doing then I really recommend Critical Role.

Alice’s Recommendation:

Portrait of a Freelancer

Portrait of a Freelancer | Podmage.com

I’ve been into Ariel’s YouTube videos for a while – she reads, writes, and usually has ideas tumbling out of her mouth at breakneck speed. This makes her the perfect candidate for a podcast host. This show is all about her experiences as a freelancer, a creator, writer, zine producer, and gives good chunks of advice on how to do it yourself – what to do practically, how to keep going without burning out, and believing in your ideas. A fun and informative podcast from an upbeat host.


RJ’s Recommendation:

Spirits Podcast

Spirits Podcast | Podmage.com

I like alcohol, I also like spoopy stories, and I also REALLY love the people behind the wonderful Spirits podcast. Hosted by two wonderful ladies Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini. The duo are a fantastic team to listen too and their editor Eric Schneider also needs a lovely shoutout too. The duo have a fantastic repor with each other and really bounce from one another, if you know a little about mythology/greek history/legends in general, then you’ll fall more into Julia shoes while listening, but if you’re a newbie like myself then you’ll relate more to Amanda. There’s nothing like being in work and bursting out laughing in the office after finding out how winter became a thing due to some seeds and Hades being thirsty.


Matt’s Recommendation:

My Brother, My Brother and Me.

My Brother, My Brother and Me | Podmage.com

The McElroys have quite simply changed the entire fabric of my life and are definitely the take away point for 2017. I found them because someone I follow on Tumblr posted an animatic of The Adventure Zone and it was cute and sweet so I started to listen and since then I have consumed pretty much all of the content that those three brothers have created and gotten a tattoo of TAZ but it’s not my podcast of the year (mainly because we’re not allowed to pick it because it’s the podcast of the year because… Of course it is).

My pick for this year is the podcast that started it all. My brother, My Brother and Me. The premise of MBMBAM is simple. These three brothers gather every week and answer questions from Yahoo Answers and it’s wonderful. They have created an amazing community and spawned several other podcasts off of it. Whenever you listen to an episode it feels like a family gathering. A joining of your best friends and you become part of this incredible family for an hour every week and it’s perfect. The ability they have to fog the world in this warm hug and give a small respite to the people listening is a wonderful gift and one of the main reasons we wanted to start podcasting.


Podmage’s Podcast Recommendation of 2017:

The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone | Podmage.com

At the beginning of 2017 I can’t say that I had listened to a huge number of podcasts, usually one for having a show or music on when needing background entertainment. I also had been planning a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I had hoped to share with my friends over the coming year. When I started listening to The Adventure Zone off of my friends recommendation I had no idea that the way I think about podcasts and the way I thought about my own campaign would change so drastically.

The Adventure Zone tackles the narrative side of D&D in a way that I hadn’t yet attempted and as someone who is emotionally and mentally incapable of writing a book it gave me the inspiration needed to try a new form of storytelling. I began to need it on in the background and the one positive I can say as a positive about finding it so late is that I was able to binge the show in almost its entirety over the course of about two months. Slowly the background became the foreground as I fell in love with the characters that I was listening to and began to care more and more about the tale that they had gotten caught up in.

The McElroy brothers and their father Clint are absolutely hilarious and use their light hearted attitude to not only deliver plenty of laughs but also to completely blind side their audience with moments that both wrench and warm the heart. I cannot give enough praise to the show and it is the thing that inspired me to try and do something similar, ultimately leading to Podmage as a whole. For those who haven’t listened yet the test episodes for the second arc are currently airing at the time of writing this which leaves plenty of time to listen to the first between weeks.

The Adventure Zone has played a large part in the inspiration behind the website and for that reason, I can think of no other podcast that deserves the title of Podmage’s Podcast of 2017.


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